The first five hours

The first week of something new is always exciting. So let’s just jump right in to what I want to share about my experiences so far with freeCodeCamp.

By the way, if you missed last week’s post, I shared a bit about my past design experience which led me to this point.

Brownies have always been a favorite of mine…

I love this brownie points system. I love anything gamified. It totally works on me. I love seeing my brownie points rack up and I especially love that a friend of mine has 122 and I only have 37 at the time of this writing. That type of competition pushes me so far forward and I just KNOW I am going to catch up to him and surpass him. I can’t wait.

I love how short the lessons are. They are literally one page. And some of them are so quick, it’s hardly a new lesson. FCC really takes to heart the idea of small, simple steps leading to greatness.

mountain man

As I mentioned in my first post, I already had some design experience, so the HTML and CSS isn’t new for me here. It’s serving as a great review source though.

Other courses I’ve done (without naming names) have started at the top of an HTML document, teaching you the DOCTYPE before learning what a tag is. After DOCTYPE, you learn how to link CSS, without knowing what CSS is. By the time you get through¬†meta tags and into the body, you’re questioning why you wanted to code in the first place.

I appreciate that these lessons start and end with the basics. They leave out the nonsense and get you typing out code that has a visual effect you can see in real time.

hex code chart
How many times have we seen this chart?

Also, I’ve always loved hex codes. When I got to that lesson (and remembered that hex codes were a thing), I felt this happy nostalgia. I think because back when I first learned HTML back when I was like 11, I had so much fun playing around with the colors. I’ve always just really, really liked hex codes. Sounds silly, but in the chance that a reader out there has as irrational a fondness as I do, I¬†wanted to mention it!

And on that note, who else learned HTML from Neopets?

Looking forward to the lesson on Bootstrap next. I’ve always been a Foundation girl myself.


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