What goes on at an fCC meetup

Today I went to my first freeCodeCamp meetup, and it was great! We met at our local collaborative working space, and sat in the conference room. The Colab had tea and coffee available for us so that was a nice perk, too. It was stormy out today, and with the windows open we had a pleasant breeze and background rain to listen to.

We chatted a bit about why each of us is interested in learning to code, and about the various benefits for future job potential. Then we did a couple pomodoros of individual work on freeCodeCamp. I started the Javascript section and got a bunch done! I haven’t worked using pomodoros in awhile, and it was nice to be that focused.

On breaks, we shares updates about which sections we had just been working on, and asked for help if we needed it. We were all at different points in the course, so some stuff we talked about I could relate to as I’d already done it, and other stuff was a glimpse at the upcoming sections for me. It was cool to see each others’ progress and just to know that there are other people in my town who are doing the same course as me. It definitely motivated me to keep going!

And on that note, off I go!

The Colab keepin’ it real