Pushed through resistance and completed jQuery

I felt some resistance to starting this section. Partly because I didn’t understand what the first lesson was called (“Learn how Script Tags and Document Ready Work”) and par– actually, no, that was the entire reason.

jQuery is getting into stuff that I’ve only messed around with in the past. So the majority of it was new to me. And newness is scary, thus resistance, etc.

But this section was pretty easy and had some really cool things in it. Things like selecting all the buttons on the page and making them bounce up and down. On an actual website, these features are more annoying than anything else, and I instantly was reminded of those obnoxious ads on the sides of websites I go to to watch Pretty Little Liars.

But these little parlor tricks made the section fun nevertheless.

You can also change the CSS of an element by using jQuery, which is much more likely to be useful in the real world.

jQuery was a pretty short section to soon it was time for my first challenge in Basic Front End Development Projects. I was so excited and ready for this!!

The first project is to make a tribute page. It was pretty simple since I have been using HTML and CSS for years and that’s basically all this was.

The next project is to build a personal portfolio webpage. I already have this website, so I have chosen to skip this project for now. But I do have revamping plans for this site, so at some point I’ll finish the challenge naturally.

Next up is Javascript, and I think I can handle it!



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