I wrote a Mad Libs app!

As I wrote about last week, I made the switch from fCC to Treehouse, and I haven’t looked back. Today I want to share with you the first project I made as part of the JavaScript Basics course.

For this project I used prompts to pop up some alert boxes with a series of questions for the user to answer. Then I gathered that input and inserted it into a story in typical Mad Libs fashion. Then I designed the look of the app and placed the content of the Mad Libs story into a div.

With the knowledge Treehouse gave me, I felt really prepared to complete this project, and was pretty easy for me to do so. I love the confidence I feel, going in to a project knowing I am capable, rather than going into something having no idea what I’m doing. This key difference along is huge for me, and is what tells me that Treehouse is working for me.

Have a look at my project on CodePen and GitHub. I hope you have fun with it!


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