Forget fCC, I’m using Treehouse

If you read my last blog post, you understood my enthusiasm for jumping back into coding, after a busy 6 week project with my day job.

I opened up fCC immediately after publishing that post. I went to the next lesson where I had left of previously. I read it. I couldn’t understand what they were even asking me to do. And, they didn’t tell me how to do it either, but told me to “Read. Search. Ask.”

About 30 seconds in to my return to coding, I was bawling. All the frustration I’ve felt about coding and getting stuck and “Why won’t someone just TEACH me???” came flooding back. Must faster and stronger than I expected to be honest.

After a heartfelt phone call with my friend Heath (who has always been my go-to support person, for both IT and personal support), I realized that fCC just wasn’t working for me.

I realized that while fCC obviously has worked great for some people, it just doesn’t jibe with my learning style — and that’s okay.

This whole time I’ve felt that fCC was such an inefficient and round-about way to learn, because it’s so self-directed. I would spend hours googling how to solve something, reading forums, and trying my best to learn and understand. But the problem with reading forums is that many of the answers are given by well-intentioned newbies not much farther along than myself. And what I found was that after reading their input, assuming they knew what they were talking about, wrapping my head around it, and then implementing it into my code, only to get an error message and discover that they actually didn’t know what they were talking about… what a waste of time. I would end up feeling not only defeated and lied to (albeit innocently and unintentionally), but I also felt like I was wasting my precious time on misinformation.

I had been working 6 days a week and what little time I had to devote to learning to code was largely being wasted.

So, while crying on the phone with Heath, I still had enough of a glimmer of hope and confidence in my capability, to think that maybe all it takes for me to succeed is switching to a different style of learning. And so, I started a 7 day free trial of Treehouse.

And so far I love it. It’s exactly what I had thought and hoped fCC would be but wasn’t. I am soaring through the lessons and feeling not only confident but I’m actually learning the concepts solidly and I feel really confident in my foundation of knowledge now. For me, making the switch from fCC to Treehouse has made all the difference. Thank god.

With renewed hope,


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