Now I have the time

After nearly a two month hiatus, I’m dusting off the old blog and jumping back into web development.

What have I been prioritizing these last two months? Finishing up the school year at preschool and then 6 solid weeks of Toddler Summer Camp (one of the best experiences I’ve ever had). Now I’m officially on summer vacation and finally have some time off. You should have seen how high I was jumping for joy Friday afternoon.

I spent the first few days of freedom sitting around and going to the grocery store for the first time in two weeks. But now I’m bored so I guess it’s time to start being productive again.

Goals for today include completing three fCC lessons (I’m easing myself back in) and figuring out where I am with this blog (check!)

With gladness,



all aboard

Greetings, fam.

Today I want to talk a little bit about what’s been mulling around my brain for the last week or two. This post is a personal one, about what the heck I’m doing with my life.

Here’s the deal —

I’m considering leaving my beloved job as a preschool teacher’s assistant to devote my time to coding. There’s six weeks left of the school year, followed by six weeks of Toddler Camp (can we just collectively “awww” at that name? This is my life, you guys.) Totaling 12 more weeks until I’m done for the summer. And quite possibly for good.


My plan these next 12 weeks is to up my 3-job-having game and do freeCodeCamp on the side (a hustle already in progress.) Hopefully by the end of those 12 weeks I’ll have made a decent dent in the coursework and can possibly even start taking freelance clients again.

I’ll have saved up a few months’ worth of living expenses to cover my then 2-job-having butt for another few months, while I finish the FCC curriculum and then hunt for my goal of a full-time remote coding position.

I figure I got about 5 months before the code hits the fan.

(I was also hoping for a 3 week getaway to Europe this August, so we’ll see if I can still fit that in! I’ll keep you posted.)

So what’s there to think about?

Well. I guess nothing. Because honestly, I picture myself a year from now, and I see two possible versions. One looks a lot like me now: tired, sick often, but gets to hang out with my short little friends all day. Heart is full. But I’m also struggling financially with no end in sight.

The other looks like a more rested version of me. She is healthy (albeit has more eye strain). She is maybe still struggling financially but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. She’s applying to a few jobs now that FCC is under her belt. She feels free. She feels confident. She feels ready.

I want that second version to be my reality. And I know it can be. But I have to make the leap and go for it.

Okay. Yes. You’re right. I need to leave my job at the preschool.

Thanks, fam.