I made a random quote generator!

random lamb saying quotes

One of the challenges on free Code Camp was to make a random quote generator, using a free quote API. This challenge was tricky for me since I wasn’t at all familiar with using APIs (and I’m still not) but with a friend’s help, I pushed through and got it done.

This app also has an option to tweet the random quote, which meant using Twitter’s API as well. This was a cool part of the project because I liked how my code not only output a random tweet to the page and linked to someone’s twitter, but it then input the quote into a tweet, so it’s super easy for the person to tweet it.

Have a look on CodePen and GitHub.

Joining GitHub

As part of the initial free Code Camp setup, I made a GitHub account. But I haven’t done anything with it since. But now that I’m starting to do some projects, it’s appropriate to start actually using GitHub.

Totally unfamiliar with GitHub, I started watching a free online course from udacity.com, and while I’m finding it interesting, it’s really in-depth and round-about, and thus doesn’t feel nearly essentialist enough for me right now.

So, I went for the basic GitHub.com tutorial, as found here, and I finished it within 10 minutes. I feel pretty good-to-go now with Git. Thanks, anyway, Udacity. (Although low key I’m still going to finish that course because I was genuinely finding it interesting.)


I finished Basic Javascript!

rocket science

Woo hoo!

This one was a doozy. I really struggled with the majority of this section, and had to find help online to do many of the lessons.

difficult but i got the skillz

One thing I really noticed with the structure of the lessons in this section was that they gave way less helpful info when introducing the concepts. fCC is really trying to make their coders independent and resourceful and that intention came through in this section.

I do feel that a lot more could have been explained, or elaborated on, or perhaps just reworded, to make it clearer what we were supposed to do. A few times when I googled what to do, it was actually much easier than I had thought based on the wording of the lesson.

Anyway, there was a LOT of cool stuff in Basic Javascript. Too diverse to mention it all and give even an accurate summary of the section. So I’ll just list a few favorites:

  • I like If/Else If statements
  • I like bracket notation and indexes
  • I like functions
  • I like the strict equality operator (because it feels silly to type === and have it actually mean something)
  • I like for loops (even though they were some of the most difficult lessons!)
  • And I really like inverting regular expressions (like using \S to find all the non-whitespace characters in a string)

I really feel accomplished after finishing this section. Partly because it was a big section and took a long time. Mostly because it was hard and I did it anyway.